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Hello this is Amal and Ericka’s babysitting club website and blog so tell us what y ou think by e-mailing us at amalsalah338@gmail.com  it you can email ericka at erickaschaaf338@gmail.com for further info y out can text Ericka at 508-815-7746 { NO CALLS PLEASE NOT AVAILABLE TO DO THAT}

Thank you for reading  this message

Love from, Amal Salah and Ericka Schaaf

Babysitting club by President Amal and Vice president Ericka

  I had wish t hat I bad thought of this before and that I wish that I can  do think s everyday but I can not because I g o to school and after school and I  can only do it in the summer cause I am not going to vacation but I am entering a summer program so I will be available only in t he morning but I think Ericka can be also available in the morning and the noon but not t he night cause we have to go home by that time cause our parents might get worried


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Why we love children

We feed your child

We give your child a nap

We help your child with summer homework

We give your child a bath even newborns

We give children lots of care and when we babysit children’s always say” no child should not have a good time with us all children love us cause we are the Best babysitter in town


If you have any questions please contact Amal or Ericka at amalsalah338@gmail.com or erickaschaaf338@gmail.com  Thank you so much to take THE time and ‘ read  this

Babysitting club

If you need any babysitting this summer ONLY FOR TWO HOURS  Monday through Thursday  from 8:00 am to 10:00am is fine  with us if you want to contact amal or Ericka email us at amalsalah338@gmail.com or erickaschaaf338@gmail.com thank you really much for your help and we do not want to go really far so I want any babysitting to happen in this zipcode area 02131 in Boston Massachusetts it I  ok to West Roxbury as long as you give us address and phone number, 5 days before the day that we Will be doing babysitting for you. We need all the people that need babysitting forms return by the day that we are babysitting your children or child , this is really important , because what if a emergency happen to your children or  yo ur child when we are babysitting